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      1. Services

        Product Development

        Leveraging on the technical expertise the professionalteam of OE Parts has accumulated over the past decade, we have been helpingcustomers in the orga…

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        Global Sourcing

        OE Parts has been sourcing globally to find qualityproducts from reliable suppliers at reasonable costs.

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        Private Label Program

        OE Parts isexperienced in helping implement a complete Private Label Program for customerswho plan to launch their own brand of products

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        ConsolidationService has been one of OE Parts' signature services for internationalcustomers purchasing automotive parts in China and other countries.

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        Logistics Optimization

        Orders for products from different suppliers are consolidated for the most efficient and economical shipment, with options of customized pick-and-pack…

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        Quality Audit (QA) / Quality Control (QC)

        OE Parts has been working with both OE and AM customers on QA and QC. Our technical team in the field consists of qualified QA/QC engineers (TS16949).

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        By working with reputablefinancial institutions and partners in the supplier-rich regions

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